First daylog for me. New but learning quickly.

Last Friday was my 25th birthday. My girlfriend and I got into another stupid fight. Not that we have that many, actually, because we don't, but it was not the first. To make a long story short, I broke up with her.

This was my third multi-year relationship. We were living together. Long-term plans, cats, plants, a nice apartment in New York City and everything( "What happened?" you're probably not asking yourself. "What went wrong?" you also failed to say. "What will you do now?" you probably neglected to add.

Well, I'll tell you. : D

I'm moving out at the end of July, into a friend's new place. He just moved in a month ago. I'm gonna stay there for 6 months for free while saving up money from my job doing macintosh support at a small publishing company. Why do I get to stay for free and not have to pay rent?

Because at the end of my tenure I'm leaving all of my junk (32" Sony Wega TV, queensize bed, giant bookcase, new dresser, 6 speaker stereo system, Dreamcast, books, etc.) with him. All my debt will be paid off, I will own nothing except the clothes I need, and I will have enough ducat$ to move to the U.S. Virgin Islands where I will get a job as a professional local asshole a la Cary Grant in Father Goose (also starring the beautiful Leslie Caron who you may remember from Chocolat).

The only question left is do I sell my G4 and get an Airport-enabled iBook so I can node in my hammock?

Actually, there is one other question. Why, when my now ex-girlfriend was sitting in front of me crying, was I thinking about noding Jaco Pastorius and Word of Mouth? Is noding responsible for the end of my 2 year relationship? unF!@#