I need to spend some time away from E2

I have to admit I was spending much to much time on E2, taking it all too seriously and personally. In short it was turning me into an asshole. Believe it or not that is not my natural state. I am really a laid back guy IRL, yet my virtual persona was becoming a real pain.

Thanks to a good natured editor, I learned how repellant I was being. If he reads this (which I doubt), he will know who he is. Thanks, pal.

In truth, I don't know if I will ever get over being mad when a good writeup of mine gets nuked without warning or when I see a newbie get insulted or slammed. I need to learn that I have a sense of humor that not everyone appreciates. I need to learn that there is a reason things on E2 are the way they are, that what seems to me the wrath of the gods is their own separate issues made public. If a user of any rank is doing something I don't think is right, it is their problem, but it is my responsibility to not take it personally. The universe has a way of keeping things balanced.

I have issues of my own to work on. I will be absent from Everything2 for a while as I meditate on things. I may node a family recipe or two and check my inbox, but I am not going to get into the catbox or anything that 'rouses my ire.

If anyone wants to email me and learn the Whys and Wherefores, that's fine. Check my homenode for my address.