I don't normally do dream logs, but this one involved E2. I found myself in Boston. Don't ask me what I was doing, but it was business related. I was on some sort of business trip. I had a laptop. I was in my hotel room trying to figure out something to do, but my computer had all these strange windows that wouldn't do what I expected them to do, and they had these sexy background images in them -- not pr0n, but girly swimsuit or lingerie pictures. I was embarrassed by this because my cow orkers, not my current ones or ones I've ever had in real life, kept coming in and looking over my shoulder to see what I was doing. I kept trying and trying to find something to do. I plopped down on my bed, and the laptop started coming apart. The screen detached somewhat from the keyboard. The whole thing started to feel like it was held together with rubber bands, duct tape, and hope.

At this point the idea came to me to log onto #everything and surf to Everything2's catbox and try to hook up with the BAP! I don't drink anymore, but I imagined they would come together to show a wandering everythingian a good time.

I never hooked up with them, and there was no BAP debauchery because I couldn't access the web due to the computer trouble, and the dream ended before I straightened it all out.

Analysis: I have been trying for a couple months to install Linux on a SPARC Ultra 10 that I bought at a yard sale. It's been on my mind for all that time. I am new to the operating system and the hardware platform, so it has been one challenge after another. I am finally at a point where I have a working system, but I cannot coax X to come up. That's why my dream computer would never work. It's representative of the struggles I've had for the last several weeks. The girly picture windows was obviously a reference to, ahem, another use some, *cough*, people have found for their computers via the world wide web. And that's all I have to say about that.

Why Boston? Because I went to college here for a couple years and have lots of pleasant memories of it. Why E2? Possibly because I am at a point in my therapy where I feel compelled to reach out to other people -- real people in the meat world. Meeting up with members of an online sub-community is a reasonable bridge between a purely online experience and normal, healthy human relations.

So what's the moral of this story? I think it's nothing more than my unconscious mind working on some issues, playing back some tapes, that I have been working on in my conscious mind. I don't think it is prophetic or symbolic of anything profound, though perhaps others might disagree.