I'm in Washington, D.C., riding the Metro. I run into a girl I had a crush on in High School, a girl who didn't quite register my existence at the time. She's a travel agent now, apparently, and spends the ride telling japanese businessmen about various hotel deals in and around the Capitol.

We decide to hang out, so we get off the train at the next transfer point and look at a metro map. We figure out that the station we want to go to is called Technology, or Technocracy or something like that. All the stations on the map have different names than normal. One of the stations on the blue line is now called "G.I. Jack," for instance.

We're sitting on the platform waiting for the train. My foot is dangling out over the tracks, but I don't care much and, anyway, I can't seem to move it. I'm lying under a blanket. I feel homeless and ignored, but I'm still talking to the girl like everything's perfectly normal. The train comes, misses my foot by a millimeter, but snags my blanket and whisks it away. We get on the train, take it to Technopoly and disembark. We have another transfer to make.

Apparently the escalators have been upgraded so that baggage can be carried down their middle channel like an airport carousel. We throw our suitcases on the belt and ride the escalator to the bottom. On the way, I meet my parents doing the same thing. When we all get to the bottom, we realize we've all forgotten to retrieve our bags so we start hunting among the bags on the belt.

My mom finds one of hers, and inside, curled up on top of her shower stuff, are two kittens. One's my cat, the other's one of my bookstore cats. They're asleep.

Wodehouseian hijinks ensue, with me running back and forth trying to find my luggage, keep the girl happy, keep an eye on my parents and keep the kittens from waking up and escaping.

After I settle everything down, I go looking for the girl. She's listening to this guy (6'-something, sandy hair, toothy grin. Looks like an actor, sounds like an idiot) talk about...something. I interrupt to tell her everything's under control. The guy, in no uncertain terms, tells me to bug off. He starts on the "Do you know...who I am?" riff, and I say honestly no, that I've never seen him before in my life. He says "Well...do you watch lifetime at all?" and I laugh and wake up.

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