I got to go to my first gathering yesterday, Two States, Five Senses: The Michigan and New York Apple Gathering . It was amazing, I got to meet some truly wonderful people; and then I met NatchLucid. See, I saw her beating up wick in the catbox, and felt badly for poor wick; and so, I felt this sense of social justice fall over me, and I thought she was a mean person. I was very interested in meeting her, simply so I could give her what for.

I met Natch early in the morning, and by noon, we were eating and laughing together like old friends; mind you I never really talked to her before. So, eating our Ratatouille in a hurry to get to the Apple Orchard, we talked, and laughed about who we were… since for some reason, I couldn't remember anyone's name (other than hers). Then, we had to go, and so Natch and I parted ways.

At the orchard, we decided to go Pumpkin Hunting, not because they are dangerous, but just because we could. Those innocent little orange things don’t run very fast … heheheheh. So, Natch and I decided that we would run amuck …but running in a pumpkin patch isn't easy; especially if you have to watch for little children. So, our running amuck became walking amuck. What was our mission? To find the Great Pumpkin! What did we find? This lovely orange lopsided two headed mutant pumpkin. It was lovely. We had to take it home!

Then on the way back from the Pumpkin Patch, I lost my Natch, see, I was sitting in between CowboyNeal, and Brooksmarlin and was too absorbed to notice that some people got off at the raspberry section to pick raspberries of course… Natch was one of them… =( where did she go? So, after waiting around, and not having her near me, I walked to the raspberry patch to see if they were there; indeed they were. I rode the hay wagon back with to the check out area with them so that I could regroup with everyone.

then we went to the park to cook out, and Natch stayed behind to make pie, and when she finally showed up at the park, we were all getting ready to go back to jmc and chancel's apartment. But, I must say, all in all, we had a great time hanging out.

So, you may be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with NatchLucid being a thief? Well, nothing really. Other than she swiftly stole my heart. I realized what a wrong misconception I had of her. In fact, I love Natch, she is one of the nicest people I met. =)

Well, this was suppost to be an aftermath node, but, it became an "I love Natchlucid" node… Oops. Oh well. Enjoy.

Well, in farther news as of 2003 Natchlucid is no more, and has become Gleeme please note the change. thanks