Last night I went to a surprise party for a good friend of mine from high school. He goes to NYU, and double majors in music and pre-med. He's insane. Anyway, this guy (Amit) is really talented, and I used to play in a band with him. He plays guitar, I play drums.

So Amit's girlfriend Alana calls me up yesterday and tells me that there's going to be a surprise party for him that night. "Cool." I think. "I haven't seen him in a while. It'll be good to see him."

So that evening I shower, change, and go. Have no problem finding the place, a spacious NYU apartment on the 17th floor of a nice building overlooking Battery Park. Amit's new drummer Rob met me and several other who were coming to the party in the lobby, and signed us in. A group of girls who had already had several bottles of wine between them were with us. It became clear when one of them collapsed in the elevator on the way to the party that this was going to be a lot of fun.

Sitting around in Amit's apartment with these people, getting ready for Amit to arrive, I discovered that he had hung a couple of my paintings up in their apartment. It's neat to see your stuff in places like that, but a little odd, as well. When people learned that I was the creator of these works, I learned that they suddenly knew a lot more about me than I would've liked. Amit has a lot of dirt on me.

So Amit shows up and we surpirse him, and it's all good, and we sit around and get drunk, and this girl Tammy tells some really good stories while we wait. These stories will be noded soon, and are titled as follows:

Sharron takes a pee in the Subway Station
Rob and Sharron have really wild drunken sex and Tammy walks in on them and starts crying
Amit and Alana have wild sex in the den and Rob and Sharron have sex in the bedroom, leaving Tammy trapped in the hallway for the night (will not be noded seperately- that's the whole story)
Amit gets plastered and tries to cook

And it's a generally fun night. We get shitfaced and hang out telling jokes and talking about art, sex, drugs, and of course, rock and roll. A good time. And I managed to navigate an apartment full of drunken, horny females and not do anything...questionable. (Are you proud of me now, Andy?)

But I'm paying for it today.

/me crawls back into bed