To be completely honest, I am still in the process of determining the full effects of adderall on the body during the process of pulling an all-nighter, being that I have not completed the full cycle yet. It is now 7:25 pm on the day following said all-nighter, and I will probably be up late again tonight doing homework. If any major changes occur in my behavior/thought process/bodily function, they will be added as they occur.


11:30 pm: Yep, it looks like it's going to be another all-nighter. My suitemate has offered me adderall (from his own prescription) to aid me in staying awake through the night doing homework. I will hold out as long as possible, but may well take him up on his offer.

12:30 am: Drank two strong, black cups of coffee. That should hold me for a while.

3:00 am: Drank two more cups of coffee, with a little sugar added. Hopefully this will keep me for a while, at least.

4:00 am: Took one adderall pill (30 mg, I believe). Hopefully I can stay awake until this kicks in.

4:40 am: The adderall just kicked in. Although my body is still tired, my mind is working at breakneck speed. This is a very strange feeling. Back to work.

7:30 am: Finished homework. Still cruising mentally while crashing physically. This could get very strange.

9:00 am-10:30 am: Managed to stay focused in class, although I had to rest my head on my hand. My body really wants me to lie down.

1:00 pm-3:30 pm: Took a nap, after realizing that I would be staying up quite late again tonight. Woke up feeling dead. Apparently I have completely come off the adderall.

4:00 pm: Took another 30 mg adderall. Realized I hadn't eaten yet today and grabbed an order of green beans from the cafeteria before going to english class.

4:30 pm: The adderall kicked in soon after I sat down in class, giving me a terrible case of the jitters. My classmates gave me very strange looks.

7:45 pm (current time): After dinner, I came back and wrote this node. I am now preparing to do more homework, then I plan to try to get a few hours sleep before class at 9:00 am tomorrow. If any further changes occur, they will be noted.