The way it works here is that when the managers look for jobs and tell the prospective clients who they will be hiring if they choose us for their little project. So my boss, let's call him Randy (not his real name), he will tell company X that the people working with them will include everyone with C skills, some VB and a smattering of Java. X then decides whether or not to take the offer.

This is starting to look suspicious, but this is what I'm talking about. Our directors and managers (the pimps) get all the money and only give us a wage. They take the money for all of our hard work and dole it out sparingly. They even try to take care of us, take us out for meals, show us a good time just to keep us sweet.

To take it further, Randy drives a big white Jaguar and wears the biggest gold chains and smokes the biggest cigars. He even comes in wearing weird, brightly coloured clothes. I can just imagine him cruising with his homeys around the suburban streets of Manchester with his arm hanging out of the window.

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