Lets make our own clothes and make our own food and make our own cars and make our own perscription drugs too.


who's there?


Damn, i didn't think you were gonna catch up to me.

Please people, we are no longer an independent species. The vast vast majority of humans beings could not get by without somone elses help. We depend on other people to make things for us, such as food and medicine and technologies that we use. Sure be independent, make your own shirts it will make a big difference really.... nope. It won't make any difference, you still depend on other people. Get over it. It is not a big deal.

We have been dependent on each other for hundreds of years. Ever since humans started specializing in certain tasks we have had a dependene on others. Do you think that out society could have advanced this far without specialization? If you do you are sadly mistaken. There are too may things that we, as humans, have become accustomed to. Things like asprin and clean water and electricity and cars and food. There is no way that one person can do everything to produce all these things. It is impossible.

You need to ditch this idea of complete independence because its an unobtainable goal. If you want to be independant go buys some seeds and a couple of cows and a piece of land and get back to me in a few years on your home-made computer. good luck.

freeborn- i agree completely with you, i grow vegetables and walk places when i could drive and i even know how to hunt, and gather wild mushrooms and fruits but i just think many people try to take the idea to far, e.g, anti-electricity.