This morning, the usual pre-dawn drive to work. The machine, however, was covered in ice, and me, being a new resident of California, did not expect to need an ice scraper. Did what I could with some dry leaves; made a little looking hole on the windshield. It took the defroster a half hour to do the rest.

There is a little narrow bridge I have to cross to get from our gravel/dirt road to the first real road; it is as narrow as a car and has no sides of any kind. It is covered in ice, white as you like, and I skid when I'm half way across. I do panic, but don't react from it; my New England upbringing springs into gear - I don't touch the brakes, point the wheels in the direction I'm going, and (Bob's yer uncle) I make it!

Although TV news talks about a "crisis", aside from the node above I haven't seen, heard, or met anyone who is worried about the election situation. Even if the votes in Florida are not resolved, the electoral college will vote on December 18. All, some, or none of Florida's electors may be there; no one will wait for them.

In the meantime, Boy George has put on a pair of his father's shoes, and his father's jacket, and he is walking up and down, pretending to be president. He has not quite learned how to harrumph!, but he is working on it. Because the shoes are a bit big for him, Dick Cheney has to hold his hand when he goes up and down the stairs.

It looks like all George has to do is wait, and he will be president. But waiting is hard for him...

Personally, I am more concerned and interested in what's happening in Israel, since that could easily turn into a war or police action, or whatever they're calling them nowadays.