What, you ask, exactly, is a wack bike? Well, apparently the wackbike is a sort of bike often seen on the streets of New York City that has been crafted out of various obsolete, undesirable, and unattractive parts. The design goals are simple - construct something from used, found, and scavenged parts that is of sufficient quality and beauty to survive the urban death maze of NYC. The finest wackbikes are contradictions - beefy utilitarian workhorses that simultaneously emote speed, simplicity and efficiency.

Living in the UK, and not particularly in an inner city area I have personally not come into contact with a wackbike as such, although I have seen a particularly close approximation on the mean streets of Pudsey, the bike in question being a bastard hybrid of a BMX with a mountain bike front wheel. The little scally riding this beast was the true definition of the word wack, and the bike was definitely getting there.