What is it worth anymore when I say to you I still want to be friends with you? The words I've used and reused and a promise to commitment I've broken again and yet again makes it the overused cliché it is.

Maybe it's not what I want. I just want to run away, run away and away so that my world doesn't have to involve you. Does this mean I still can't deal with losing you, although I don't want you as a lover anymore?

Running away is not something I can do, we're both stuck here and we're bound to see each other more often than not. It's not the thing to do because I'm supposed to be an adult and deal with the fact and not be childish in public and be miserable because of it.

So I just messengered (that's not a word "IM'ed" isn't a lot better either.) you. I guess that's the way it's going to be between us from now on, two strangers trying to be friendly to each other.

2.47 years until you're 10000 days old. I have plans to surprise you with a gift then. I wonder how it will be between us, and if in fact we'll even still be meeting each other then.