Work of interactive fiction by Daniel Ravipinto. Tapestry placed second in the second annual Internation Interactive Fiction Competition (comp96).

Tapestry is a dark work, based in part (and largely accidentally) on Neil Gaiman's Sandman. You die, and are given the opportunity by a character named Morningstar to go back and change crucial events in your life. The Fates (Clotho, Atropos, and Lachesis), of course, want you to keep things the same. The player must relive three important episodes in the character's life: his mother's death, his wife's illness, and his own death.

Tapestry is more fiction than interactive. There aren't really puzzles, so to speak, though finding the third path may be somewhat difficult. Much more important is the atmosphere: Tapestry ranks with Andrew Plotkin's Shade as one of the most atmospheric pieces of IF, ever.