Project Tapestry: a weave of false truths and tangled lines

(All poems linked within this network and listed below are original work, are the copyright material of e. blakemore, and were noded by the same, with implicit publication permission granted for this site alone. All other rights reserved. Please contact the author if you would like permission to use any of these works in some other form or context.)

Key and sequences. A multithreaded work in process.

The First Chronology

On the shores of a distant sea, against a backdrop of heavy machinery and even heavier gravity:
December 14, 1980 Part 1
December 14, 1980 (b) Part 2
December 14, 1980 (c) Part 3

An interlude, with variations

Fatras Simple

The Catalogue of Love

Ode from a Doormat


The ground is a ship in Norway

I have a damaged bard's gene

Sestina for the Radiant Future

The Day Before Election Day

My way of showing love was consumption

Mitten Nebula

On Hearing Philip Roth Speak of the Mortality of Friends

Second Chronology

March 15, 1981

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