This was a lonely orphan nodeshell when I found it, but it had some mighty interesting softlinks. They invited me to play, and this is what we made:

Rhapsody upon a set of softlinks

(with apologies to R.A.W.; it's nothing personal).

Illuminatus! Seduce me;
Ravish me, you Baboon, impale me,
Consume me with your lust,
I fantasize about well-hung Animals like you.

Ah; I see I cause Distaste;
Would you Admonish me for my desire?
Do not Blame this poor wanton, sir
For her Burdensome compulsion;

There is no true sentiment in it, I seek only
To silence the ticking of a biological clock:
I must reproduce to Alleviate its effect,
I must sacrifice my childless Status.

Nay, no marriage, sir, no Institution for me;
I'm no Psyche, to suffer for love.
I had tried to remain a femme free,
But this morning's epiphany changed all that:

Liberty is futility, I saw, no matter what
you read in Robert Anton Wilson.
The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a poor legacy,
although the best he could excrete;

Let's differentiate my fruitfulness from his:
Where he creates, I'll procreate. This is power.
In my science fiction daydreams I preside
Over infinite nurseries of DNA, all mine.

So consider this, as I disrobe before you
And you consider the ineffable Charm of my thighs
(try not to ejaculate just yet, I'll be needing that):
I'd do it without you if I could.

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