When you think about it, we, as a human race, could all be blind.

We wouldn't know it, of course. There's supposedly a fourth spatial dimension that due to our "evolution", humans cannot comprehend. How do we know we're not supposed to have another sense that would allow us to comprehend that dimension, and we're all just born without it?

Maybe this is what the appendix is for. A blind person still has eyes, he/she just can't use them. We (mostly) all have appendices, we just don't know what they're used for. Perhaps our appendices are supposed to allow us to experience the fourth spatial dimension, but we're all just blind.

in responce to The Alchemist : If you were two dimensional, how could you possibly peer into the third dimension? Let's draw a compass rose on my table. If you were built for a two dimensional environment, you would be able to see north, south, east, west, and all the variants between. You are seeing all you can of the x and y axes (x being west/east and y being north/south). You would not, however, be able to see into the z axis.

Besides, I was thinking more along the lines of this: we're receiving the information, and our appendix is supposed to translate it, or our appendix is supposed to take in the information and allow us to experience the new dimension. Either way, our appendices aren't working, thus rendering us blind to the fourth dimension.

in responce to The Alchemist's responce to my responce to The Alchemist : Well, I see your point. For instance, if I were to draw six squares on paper, arranged in a cross shape, I could fold the cross into a 3-d cube. Supposedly, the same could be done with 3-d cubes. If you were to take a cube, add 6 cubes to each side, and another one to the "bottom", you would have the makings of a 4-d cube. Just fold them up and you've got a 'hypercube'. If only we had our appendices, we would be able to comprehend how to do this.

Actually, one of my friends was reading this and he informed me that cows have appendices. They're used to digest tough plant fibers. So, by not having working appendices we're either missing out on the fourth spatial dimension, or we have a tough time eating grass. Either way, I think we can be considered blind.