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I aim to convince roughly two dozen people to follow me. I figure a with legion of this size, a van, and some sticks, I have a fair chance of taking over Canada.
Social Engineering. Also, networking, being an elitest, and spreading my infectious madness like some widespread infectious madness spreading disease.
Krypton 86
"With freedom comes nudity!" - Zorak
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I am what they call a "techie". People that have problems with their internet access tend to call me. As you may understand, I quickly begin to hate these people.

Working as an ISP tech hasn't been a "bad" experience, though. It's taught me alot, and has helped me develop a new way of looking at the public - or as I like to call them, the sheep. You will see this enlightened method of viewing the world shine through my nodes, and if you've ever talked to a person, you'll probably begin to agree with me.