I'm back in college, taking a biblical literature class with my sister. I have a notepad full of notes that I can't read, and it's seconds before the first exam begins.

The first answer is easy. I know that one. For some reason, a Peter Gabriel song is playing over the intercom singing it: "Harrian".

I write it down, but can't read my own penmanship. The more I look at it, the more the word looks like a pencil sketch of mount rushmore.

Later there's a field trip to a museum, and it's gigantic. Inside the restaurant, people are drinking orange juice from red wine goblets. I accidentally brush a fellow who drops the OJ onto his lap. When I back up to apologize to him, I bump someone else, and their drink goes as well.

I go to the counter to buy these unfortunate patrons more orange juice, and I'm handed goblets and a latex-rubber drink cover. I can't figure out how to put the cover on the goblet, so I forget the OJ and run into the museum.

Once in the museum, I see a computer terminal, which I use (naturally) to log into everything2. When I log in there are 200 users in the "Other Users" nodelet. My first notion is panic that the server is melting down, or that the site's being attacked somehow.