I've brought a friend to Everything.
I think it's the first one, although I've been doing extensively advertising of E2, so you never know if there are other ape followers around here.

Having a friend in E2, one who you meet in Real Life frequently and who knows your biography, is quite interesting. I experienced various feelings about this:

  • What would he think if he reads one of my very personal nodes, the ones that explain things I've never said to anyone?
  • Should I cool one of his nodes as a welcome? What would my fellow everythingians think about it? Am I too responsible?

Not only I know this new user, but I work for him as well. In fact, he knew about everything because I want to create a new Everything for the project we are working. As I am always advertising to friends the weird things I find in the net, people tend to be a bit overwhelmed by my continuous discovering. So I grabbed him one day, and started to node in front of him. We visited some nodes, we upvoted and downvoted, we went to the chatterbox and we msged, we cooled a node and we discussed everything. And he got bitted, and he's now here.

BTW, I haven't mentioned who he is, but there's a hidden hard link in this writeup that says it all. I just can say that my friend knows a lot about music, and I hope his nodes would add a lot to Everything.