When I used to live in New York, I had a little game I would to play with the police to liven my day up. It goes like this...

I lived in the east village and would choose a bright sunny morning to look for likely prey.

At that time there was lots of unrest between civilians and the cops, due to allegations (not to mention documented instances) of drug dealing, minority beating, and general all-around low life behaviour by the force, so I felt that I was performing a public service.

Once I'd identified my target, usually one of the older, fatter, more generally out of shape officers, I'd carefully position myself - typically out of sight around the corner of a building - AND THEN STRIKE.

As the cop passed by I would quickly snatch his gun from his holster!

Then I'd taunt him Nyahh-nyahh! Got your gun! Nyahh-nyahh GOT YOUR GUN!

Sometimes I'd do a little victory dance, like those football guys do in the endzone.

After a short time I'd carefully return the weapon.

Then we'd have a little laugh together and part company. I'd walk away with a smile because I'd made a new friend.

I miss those days. I live in London now, and the all cops here carry these menacing looking big black truncheons.

I'm not sure if it would be as much fun as it was back home. And do they have a sense of humor like the NYPD?