Trun"cheon (?), n. [OE. tronchoun the shaft of a broken spear, broken piece, OF.tronchon, tronon, F. tronon, fr. OF. & F. tronce, tronche, a piece of wood; cf. OF. trons, tros, trois; all perhaps from L. thyrsus a stalk, stem, staff. See Thyrsus, and cf. Trounce.]


A short staff, a club; a cudgel; a shaft of a spear.

With his truncheon he so rudely struck. Spenser.


A baton, or military staff of command.

The marshal's truncheon nor the judges robe. Shak.


A stout stem, as of a tree, with the branches lopped off, to produce rapid growth.



© Webster 1913.

Trun"cheon, v. t.

To beat with a truncheon.



© Webster 1913.

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