They won't tell me directly, but I was. I was conceived during a Christmas party about a year after my brother was born. My mother has only told that story once or twice in my presence.

I was loved as a child and I have few regrets of my childhood. I feel my father was (and still is) rather distant, and was alternately uninterested in my activities and largely involved.

The knowledge that I was not planned to be has changed my adult life. I feel driven to make something of myself, to prove I was worth bringing into the world. If others have similar stories, I would love to see them added to this. It's not a cross to bear but yet another defining quality of life.
Arrowfall, my parents also divorced. I was aware of this (knew it would occur) for about 7 years. Like you, me and my siblings were the reason for prolonging the marriage. I personally wish it would have been sooner. Like my birth, I do not associate this with myself, nor feel anything towards the action.