For those of you who never took French class as a small child, move on... nothing to see here. But those of you did will surely remember Telefrancais.

A children's show created to help kids learn to speak French, Telefrancais was the only part of the dreaded French class I enjoyed. It was hosted by a pineapple who spoke French. His name was "Ananas" (pineapple, in French. Inventive!) The whole show was in French, and because the french programs in Canada aren't exactly superb, we usually had no idea what was going on. Telefrancais was probably intended for kindergarden students in french immersion or toddlers actually living in Quebec. However, I think I watched the show from about grade one to grade eight.

Monsieur Ananas actually co-hosted the show with a boy and a girl, who looked like they were wearing wigs. They would always be going about getting into crazy adventures, punctuated with such crazy, non-sensical French sayings such as "Zut!" The highlight was the singing skeletons ("C'est l'halloween... C'est l'halloween!). We would all sing along to the theme song.

After about ten years of this, all I remember how to say is "ananas"...