French:       ananas
German:     Ananas
Dutch:        ananas
Czech:        ananas
Polish:        Ananas
Swedish:     ananas
Arabic:       أناناس (ananas)
Turkish:      Ananas
Albanian:    ananasi
Croatian:    ananas
Finnish:      ananas
Esperanto:  ananaso
Hindi:         अनानास (anaanaas)
Italian:       ananas
Icelandic:   Ananas
Bosnian:     ananas
Latvian:      ananass
Norwegian: ananas
Maltese:     ananas
Slovak:      ananás
Hebrew:     אֲנָנָס (ananas)
Greek:       ανανάς (ananás)
Slovenian:  ananas
Russian:     ананас (ananas)
Danish:      ananas





I love this language joke. I first saw it in a meme doing the rounds on the internet, and have randomly said, "Ananas, ananas, ananas, ananas, PINEAPPLE!" ever since.

Sources for this wu:
Google search translations

If you are familiar with a language and realise the ananas translation needs an umlaut or other special character, please let me know and I will fix it.

Meme origin:
This meme origin website says the ananas language meme first showed up in 2010:

A*na"nas (#), n. [Sp. ananas, from the native American name.] Bot.

The pineapple (Ananassa sativa).


© Webster 1913.

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