Success! Managed to sleep for almost 8 hours! of course it took staying up until 3 to even get sleepy, plus hours of fiddling, tweaking and perusing boring stuff to generate apathy enough to sleep. But it worked!

feeling rested. And Seattle is sunny and fresh today.

My cousin is in town, she's a cop up in Vancouver, BC, much to my rather deviant confusion. I spoke with her on the phone last night and after hearing how tired I was, suggested "smokin' some drugs". Now exactly how is a guy to react to that? Next thing she will be recommending I "Get yourself a piece of ass" or something, and will be able to tell me where, and what the going rate is. I think I am lucky, but I am confused. I thought cops weren't allowed to recommend such things. But she's a Cannuk Cop, formerly from New Zealand (we lived together in the Solomon Islands) - obviously they are a little more liberated.

So off to sand and paint my friends huge italian boat, then some cop beer/dinner, then drive my friend to the airport, then back to the code.

god it feels good to be rested.