After (once again), waking up at 5 am after just a few hours sleep, then around 8 crashing out for an hour, I finally got up again and decided to get going. My temporary houseguest was sorting his climbing gear (as usual), having already sucked down a bong or two from the smell of it. Not a bad idea, but I gotta go to work.

Drank a cup of cold coffee from yesterdays forgotten espresso. Hurtled out into the day and everything was much better. Beautiful Seattle Summer! The scooter ride along the waterfront is always my favorite, as you can see the Olympics over the sound. Unfortunately there are always gawking peds everywhere, so one can't really hurtle as fast as one truely wants to.

Got to the ferry, and there is one of those BSA motorcycles I like so much. I was admiring it (has anybody noticed how many motorcycle riders are short and bald?), when an even cooler British bike rolled up behind me, hipster male, cute hipster female. There is something about young folk on motorcycles that turns me on. A little picnic I think, she in black pants and sandles, with blonde hair, he in a green bowling shirt, tricky sunglasses. They joked with each other, I admired the bike.

The ferry ride was slightly unusual, as a massive fog bank shaped like a lense was across the sound. We were chugging along as usual, when all of a sudden we found ourselve at a near standstill, the ferry like some huge beast hooting it's confusion. Added a few minutes to the ride, but it make me think of that one sci-fi movie where the aircraft carrier goes back in time. I think that involves fog, but not sure. just the boat, the people and the fog.

Then Bainbridge Island, and now work. Interviewing another near diety of OOP, this time we are going to grill him alive :-)