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PureDaily - Jan 4 2001
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created by PureDoxyk
 (idea) by PureDoxyk  C! Thu Jan 4 2001 at 16:40 utc 
This is my journal, not a day log. It's here for amusement purposes only, like the platypus. If it amuses you to read, add to, or downvote my journals, have fun. I'd just prefer they not get nuked.

January 4, 11:15 a.m.

Every year I get so caught up in the coolness of Christmas that I forget how much the two or three months after it SUCK ASS.

Today is going to be a slow fucking day at work, slow like Christmas Eve. My maid of honor and possibly the coolest person I know is coming to visit me today from Boston. She and her beau might actually be at my house already. I could be hanging out with some of the most awesome humans I've ever found, but no, I'm noding.

"And though I once preferred a human being's company
They pale before the monolith that towers over me...." --TMBG

Okay, well, I'm getting paid to node, technically, so I guess I can't say I got a raw deal or anything. But still. I'd rather be smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo, if you know what I mean. I guess I might as well node something about Cate, my awesome former maid of honor. And this is probably the place to do it, since nobody reading a "normal" node will care one fuck about Cate. Well, you should. If anybody's gonna save the world, it's gonna be her.

Cate had the kind of nightmare childhood that produces superheroes. No-one else I know would even have lived through what she did, but she, unlike myriad peoples with much more minor problems, wouldn't bitch about it if you paid her. She has no excuses, anywhere, for anything she does. She fought her way into Harvard, and is currently tearing it a new asshole. She's gotten scores on tests that have set records, participated in research projects that no undergraduate has ever been allowed in--that sort of thing. She's dating a very, very cool guy named Glenn--he's a raving genius too. Sometimes, you can imagine, it's hard to keep up with them in a conversation. Good thing I never get bored of hearing things I don't know! Let's see...the latest thing Cate and Glenn were involved in was landing an internship to participate in the first round of negotiations between Ethiopia and an independant tribe (whose name I can't pronounce, remember OR spell) that they've been warring with for three millennia. Now THAT'S an internship!

Cate's also a healer; no shit. She's one of those creepy people that can cure plant diseases just by touching them; who can make you feel better by feeding you a tea she made up on the spot, choosing her ingredients by looking at you. She was the first person in my life to ever cure one of my famous ass-kicking migranes. (She's still the only one who can stop one once it's started, but the recommendations she gave me for keeping them at bay have worked great for two years now; I've had very few, comparatively). She's grown and spliced plants and trees that have won state awards, and no, she's never taken classes in anything except philosophy (where I met her) and psychology.

But those aren't really the impressive things about Cate, and I should get to those. In spite of the fact that I only attended the same school--hell, only lived in the same state--as Cate for one year, I have never lost touch with her, nor she with me, and it's been two years since then. I refuse to lose track of Cate. And every time I've ever talked to her about a favor, of any sort, the first and only words out of her mouth are, "What can I do?"
The most amazing thing about Cate is that she bends over backwards for absolutely anybody. She gives cigarettes to beggars on the street, and spends her free time doing volunteer work for soup kitchens and Rape Crisis Centers. Cate, in spite of her amazing self--or maybe because of it--never thinks for a second that there's anything better about her than anybody, no matter how low that anybody looks to be. And she doesn't ever think that she's doing a favor from on high--she's absolutely genuine, and you can believe that, coming from someone as tried and jaded as me.

Cate blows me away. She's the most magickal person AND the most human mage I've ever known.

And in a scant six hours or so, I'll get to see her again. Whee! My soul is drooling.

But the single most astounding thing about her is this: She would write this node, probably just like I did, but she would write it about me. And she wouldn't understand, just like I wouldn't, why I'd want to write it about her. She calls us "kin". I'm the writer, but I don't have a word for it. I just call it Cate.