This is my response to a mail to the Epicurean mailing list on the subject of Evolution. Enjoy. ;)

> Thought for the day:
> Teaching of evolution in public schools does
> indeed violate the First Amendment and should be
> banned.  Properly taught, evolution leaves no
> room for any beliefs commonly associated with
> religion in this country.  Therefor it makes a
> religious statement that is too strong to be
> appropriate to government.

Evolution is a well established scientific theory, not a religion. Because
logic dictates that if a scientific theory is true, a religion is no
longer valid, or some small portion of a religion is no longer valid, that
is the fault of the religion for being wrong, not the theory for being
correct. We could maintain that the theory is not proven, thus only a
theory; in that case I highly suggest we stop teaching physics, math,
chemistry, art and creative writing classes. 

This is comparing apples and oranges. Science is the pursuit of truth
without the baggage of excessive tradition, leaders and expansive

Religion is a large number of people believing in something that thus far
has accumulated little to no proof and apparently requires none. That is
fine for them. Should we discover that in all probability it is gravity
that holds us to the earth and not the sheer will power of Xemu, Lord of
Darkness, should we then stop teaching it simply because it makes a rather
large bunch of people look foolish?

I am sorry that while we reach the threshold of truth by doing research
and reproducing the very effects of the theory we maintain, the 3000 year
old make believe story of mud, apples and snakes falls apart.

I find it difficult to believe that religious activists dare even speak on
this subject. They have no ground in the factual arena, in proof they are
lacking, in reason they are void. 

I wish to clarify that there are no "evolutionists". It is not a
philosophy, nor is it a religion. There are scientists and those who seek
to hide what truths those scientists uncover.

(If there is some small cult "evolutionists" whom see Darwin as the second
comming and Galapagos as the new eden, I appologise for not keeping up on
my minority cult awareness)

In the end, I refuse to argue the existance of god, I will say that
christianity has become dated. It needs an overhaul or it should step down
and let some other group take the podium and dictate oppressive morality
to the masses while gleefully burning books, or some such thing.

> Could it be the Creationists are right on the
> point about teaching evolution in schools.  


> As an afterthought, might evolution be a more
> powerful philosophical force if it were banned
> from our mediocre public schools and left to the
> dedicated subversives?

I don't care about power, I also dont see evolution as a philosophical
anything. Philosophy is people sitting and talking about doing. Science is
sitting and doing. Evolution has been done, thus it has passed from the
realms of philosophy and become science. ;)


(On a side note; I learned evolution in Catholic school.)