"To them, gaming isn't a hobby, it's a mission from God"
"Relax, we understand j00"

Megatokyo is an online comic about two game junkies Largo and Piro, by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston. (Rodney, aka Largo, has since left the team to pursue other ventures.

Megatokyo, from what I understand, spawned from a drawing that Fred did for his other site, fredart.com (man, he's good), which consists of sketches and inked CG art in japanese anime/manga style (did I mention Piro speaks/reads japanese?) They got a big kickstart from the guys at Penny Arcade, one of the stranger, and funnier, online comics.

Megatokyo is in its 2nd year, and as bobbb21 says, they're no closer to getting home. In that time several new characters have shown up including Seraphim, Boo (Go for the beer boo!!!), Miho, and Ping-chan, a non-H school girl styled PS2 accessory. She's life-sized and can pitch busses around and unsuspecting assailants heads through rebar reinforced cement pylons.

In mid-December 2002, Megatokyo will be releasing it's first dead tree version through IC Entertainment. In addition, Megatokyo and related manga-style comics have recently become Fred's primary occupation. Wish him luck!