Here are three fine UK-based mixtures for vodka for you to enjoy:

  • Lemonade. This is my chosen poison. Known elsewhere as lemon soda, if mixed properly with nice vodka it produces an eminently drinkable, pleasant beverage that will mess you up quickly or stealthily. I have found Tesco's cloudy lemonade to be far better than 'normal' lemonade', if only because you can add more vodka without tasting it. This is mostly down to how much vodka you add to the glass. Personally, I have maybe an eighth of a pint glass (depending on my mood) of Smirnoff Blue Label or Stolichnaya Vanil and top the rest off with the lemonade. I usually pour a bit of lemonade in first, so the vod doesn't just sit at the bottom of the glass.
  • Irn-Bru. The most popular soft drink in Scotland, Irn Bru mixed with vodka is something of an acquired taste. Definitely mix and sip, as a combination of cheap vodka and Irn Bru (always buy Barr Irn Bru, not inferior supermarket brands) will have a harsh, chemical taste. This, in fact, is why I cannot drink Irn Bru and vodka, as a night with a budget version of the mixture left me in considerable pain. Nevertheless, it was a very addictive, pleasant drink for when I fancied a change from lemonade.
  • Cheap, rubbish lager. If the establishment you're in doesn't sell anything nice like Grolsch or Beck's or anything Czech; when you're forced to drink horse piss like Carling; then vodka can rescue you! Simply order a pint and a single or double. Drink some of the pint, dump in your shot(s) (NB: it is illegal for the barkeeper to do this for you) and swoosh it around to mix. Drink. Yes, you're still drinking crap, but soon you'll be too pissed to care.

Please enjoy responsibly!