This must mean the devil runs radio stations in Britain because once they find a song they like here, they lock onto it and play it to death. If I hear Kylie start singing "Keyn't geyt yew ewtta mey heyd" one more time...

They call it the top 40, but it's more of the top 5, because it's usually the same five songs that get the heaviest airplay. This is great if you like the song, but you'll always be sick of it long before the radio station thinks you should be.

Worst of all, this rubs off the the populace. Obsessive mad girls phone in requesting it be played over and over EVEN IF THEY OWN THE SINGLE.

I had a housemate who'd play Flyby by Blue on a constant loop. Really loudly as well, with "system up with the top down, got the city on lockdown" constantly echoing around the house. And in my first year of uni the evil bastard next door left his minidisc system playing "Why does my heart" by Moby on a continuous loop. I was asleep and had that freaky hearing stuff while you're asleep situation where this music was drifting about and I was hearing it and couldn't block it out but couldn't wake up to turn it off either. Eeeek.