I wonder sometimes. Everyone is so jaded, myself included. Why? Then something goes and reminds me. The WTO protest in Seattle. The public shrugs off apathy for once to display its opinion in a 99% non-violent manner. The media takes the 1% of vandalism, turns the non-violent protest into a "riot". The police use the media generated riot to declare the equivilant of martial law. Watching cops tear gas and pepper spray compeltely passive people makes my blood boil. Watching the media misrepresent something that you have seen with your own eyes to the public makes me feel so cheated and screwed over. Once again the government and corporate america have gone and fucked the people over, and though it sounds so cliche, its the truth.

I am bitter and angry because people don't hug trees nearly as much as they should. Trees are lonely and sensitive, and despite their tough exterior they have feelings just like you and me. If you hug one you will sense that it has been taken for granted. It will tell you that it stands in the same place every day pumping out oxygen that we subsequently inhale at an obscene rate. This does not make them happy. In fact, it makes them bitter and angry, which, in turn, makes me bitter and angry when I hug them.

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