School(University of Western Ontario) and work (a biotech lab) are going... I wouldn't say well or unwell... just going. I'm finding myself to be increasingly lazy, this probably the cause of them not going as good as I'd like.

University was seeming really different and alien to me, but today I feel better about it. I was hanging out with a couple people, my lab partner, and a friend's brother, and it felt like school again, not an institution of education, but more like highschool.
I ran into a bunch of people on the way to where we hung out (the Nucleus Cafe, the science cafeteria). I also felt pretty good because I knew about this Cafe, which the other two really didn't seem to know about. I felt like I was becomming familiar with everything, and fitting in.
It was nice to hang out with people, because most of the time I'm by myself, and then this person who I like, but not all that that much, comes to sit beside me, and then we're joined by all of their friends. Who all speak a different language. What fun.

I'm really dissapointed with University in some ways. At first i was told that there would be study groups set up with other off-campus students, which there haven't been, and mid-terms start soon. And nobody tells you anything. I have no idea where to go for things I want/need. Everything that you could sing up to be a part of happenned in the first 2 weeks, and I was pretty much clueless then, so now I'm out of luck. Oh well... theres always next year!

One thing I REALLY don't like about university is the realization of just how many people are judgemental nasties.
Here's an example:
A guy and his friend sit next to me in my math lecture, which is gigantic and impersonal.
"Hey how's it going?" he says
"I'm good, you?"
"Not bad.... So what res are you in?" he seems pretty friendly at this point.
"Oh I live off campus,(he gives me a funny look) what about you?"
"Med-Syd (a short form). So where do you live?" he asks, with a sort of 'ohoh, the answer to this one is unpleasant to me' look.
I maintain a friendly aura, "With my parents."
His look changes, he is displeased with the answer. "Oohh. Why?" His tone becomes offensive.
"Well, I get along with my parents, and it's free."
He nods and maintains his disgusted face. "You like living there??"
"Yea, sure, my parents don't have a lot of rules for me." I'm thinking of saying something like 'my mommy and daddy don't have the 10,000 a year to fork out for me, and maybe I don't want to live in a loud drunk house.' but I remain calm.
"I love res, its fun."
"Oh yea..."

And so ends our conversation with the beginning of the lecture. I was acutally pretty pissed off at this guy. He tried to make me feel like crap because its my choice to live with my parents and not leech off of them all money possible? And that I don't want to have to share a room the size of my current bedroom with another person? And that I like home cooked meals, and peace and quiet and personal space? I considered moving away from home, but theres no real program anywhere else that I want that isn't here, and I like my family and this is my home. So up yours Mr. closed-minded res dweller!

Ahh... :)

On a completely different note, I've recently become interested in growing house plants. I have 3 spider plants, 1 croton (funny name), 1 african violet, and 8 cacti. I want more! Everytime I go somewhere that has plants I get excited. Now I want a tall one... so that I don't have to buy somehting to put it on... there's no more room near my window!