Early this morning, at about 2am (EDT), I sat down at my computer to find that my ISP had some routing issues (or somthing) and I could not get onto the E2 site. ACK.

Of course it was not this simple, as I'm no computing genius. I mean I know my way around a computer, just not any of that funky techie stuff.

So of course I open Internet Explorer (which I have come to hate recently, although it is better than most alternatives, namely evil Netscape) and I get the infamous Cannot Find Server screen. What fun. So I reboot, and still nothing. Then I bug a couple technically inclined people I know, and they both conclude its my ISP.

Bell I hate you.

I was all ready to node about some really neato stuff (which I now forget, OF COURSE). So I was freaking out, swearing and generally over-reacting which I have a tendancy to do.

And then came the realization:

I'm an E2 addict.

And I'm ok with this addiction. Infact I really quite like it. Its a productive addiction, as well as a progressive one. And not many other addictions have those two things to their credit. So long live my E2 addiction!

I've learned another thing I hate is the Insert key. I'm constantly hitting it accidentally and then messing everything up. If anyone knows how to turn off that over write thing, please let me know!

Update (Oct 14): I just took the damn key off. Now I need a good sticker to put in its place.