Also known as a urinal biscuit, bowl mint, or urinal puck, along with any other number of synonyms for those mysterious smelly masses found in urinals.

A search of the MSDS archives tells us that these urinal cakes are technically called "DEODORANT,GENERAL PURPOSE,URINAL CAKE,A". They are described as a "WHITE CRYSTALLINE SOLID HAVING PENETRATING BUT PLEASANT CHERRY ODOR"

The main ingredient appears to be Para-Dichlorobenzene, which gives urinal cakes their distinct smell. This is chemically similar to the Naphthalene found in Moth Balls. The cakes are only 0.008% soluble in water, so they last a long time.

Bowl mints may have their hazards, though. Their flash point is only 150/66 degrees (F/C). The lethal dose of urinal cake is unknown, but acute exposure is know to case weakness, nausea and tremors upon inhalation. They are possibly carcinogenic to humans, but there is inadequate evidence.

Oh yeah, if you spill them, you are supposed to sweep them up and flush them down the toilet. Sure. That'll work. So if you see a toilet stopped up with 48 cakes, you'll know what happened.

Oh, and keep out of reach of children.

Am I the only one tempted by the vision of flaming urinal cakes?