I don't often post recipes to e2. Hell, I don't often even use, much less create recipes. I'm a bachelor with a bachelor's flair for cooking. That means my best recipes detail the easiest route to go from collected ingredients to delicious grub in mah belly.

I am counteracting this recipe-dearth to share with you something wondrous, nay, something scrumtrulescent. The perfect omelette. Easy, quick, little mess, and yes, it's perfect.

To reiterate synonymously, the method is simple. Take a shallow glass or glazed ceramic plate, and put a light coat of butter or oil on it. Whip your eggs silly. I mean it, just beat the hell outta them. Pour this (now well-mannered and respectful) mixture onto your plate evenly, and then stick it in the microwave for a couple/few minutes. Once the egg is almost completely cooked, take it out of the microwave and add whatever omelette filling you like. Throw in some tomatoes, mushrooms, or maybe even some bacon. Whatever takes your fancy as long as you include the sine qua non ingredient, cheese. If you don't have cheese then just forget it; go back to your couch-cushion crackers and bath-mat mushrooms. But since of course you have cheese, you put it and any other deliciousness you love onto one side of the omelette.

Now look at the omelette's empty side. Now back at me. Now back to your omelette. It is now diamonds! I'm on a trip. Wait, WTF? What the hell just happened there? Must've blacked out for a second. Where were we? Oh yes, closing the omelette. Use a spatula to flip the empty side over the happy side, noticing as you do that the egg does not stick to the plate. Since of course you have cheese on your omelette, you will want to now microwave it a bit more to ensure an even cheese melt.

There are no pans to wash, and you can use the plate you cooked it in to serve it. Just be careful as the plate is hot. I'm not McDonald's. I won't be able to offer you millions when you burn the crap outta yourself.