Though I personally do not celebrate Christmas, I decided to make a Christmassy breakfast for my clients at work this morning (I work as a certified nursing assistant with the disabled). I decided to make a red and green omelette so it has Christmas colors.

It was delicious, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you. I currently have three clients, and, of course, I ate as well, so this recipe feeds four, and feeds them generously..

I started by grating two potatoes, skin included, using the largest round holes of the grater (they are about 1 centimeter or half an inch in diameter).

I opened a can of Green Giant green peas, and poured all of its juice in the bowl with the grated potatoes. I added enough flour to make nice soft dough and mixed it all up together.

I cracked a dozen of eggs into another bowl, beat them with a wire whip, then mixed in some ketchup, enough to color the eggs red. Then I added the peas from the can, and mixed it all together.

I used two large skillets and a stick of margarine. I put slightly more than half a stick in the larger skillet, let it melt, then added the potato batter, dividing it into four pancakes. I covered the skillet with a lid. About two minutes later, I flipped each pancake over, replaced the lid and let it fry for another two minutes.

Meanwhile, I melted the remaining margarine in the other skillet, and fried the eggs mixed with ketchup and peas.

I then served it on regular dinner plates: One pancake and a quarter of the omelette each. I poured everyone a glass of grape juice for greater culinary enjoyment.

I know I won't be needing lunch today!

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