Jinmyo says this is a frittata.

This is my way. It may not be the best way. Feel free to add your way.

What You Need

Medium sized frying pan
Medium sized bowl
2 Eggs
Salt and Pepper
Filling of some kind (Optional)

The Tricky Bit

  1. Heat up the frying pan.
  2. Break both eggs into a medium sized bowl and add a small amount of water, salt and pepper.
  3. Place a small knob of butter in the frying pan.
  4. Beat the eggs until they're combined but not frothy.
  5. Add some sweetcorn / chopped onions / ham / cheese / whatever tickles your fancy to the frying pan (Optional).
  6. Add the eggs to the frying pan.
  7. As the eggs set, take a spatula and push the edges of the egg mixture in, allowing the uncooked eggs on top to flow underneath. Repeat the procedure at various spots around the edge of the setting egg mixture.
  8. Heat up the grill on your cooker.
  9. When the eggs are set but still shiny, take the frying pan and place it under the grill
  10. Remove the frying pan from under the grill when the omelette is lightly browned.
  11. Fold the omelette in half and slide it onto a warm plate.
  12. Bon appetit!

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