So I was dumped yesterday. Turns out I'm an asshole. Who knew? (shrug) This sort of event in your life is sure to get that measly little excuse for a life-processor churning in your skull. Damned if it didn't decide to make a call down south and get the heart all into it too. As if it didn't have better things to do, like pumping lifeblood or something. Ahhh, but unlike previous encounters with this kind of pain, the heart was largely absent in this whole affair. Hence I am the asshole.

She really is a beautiful little tube of wonderful. Everytime I am fortunate enough to enjoy her company it enriches me in some way. 'Well then, what's the problem', you ask? Hold on, let me confer with my associate.

OK, what does:

  • A wonderful person to hang out with, a great sense of humour and a nice smile.

  • plus
  • An awesome smile, big beautiful blue eyes, and a rockin' little body.

  • add up to?

Too much good fortune for one man, and a hell of a weekend, especially when said individual lives over 300 miles away. What does it not add up to? The love of my life. Hence I am the asshole.

While I pondered this turn in my fortune I have Chris crooning his Wicked Game into one ear, which transgresses to my other hemisphere to have Sarah bleeding the poetry of Sweet Surrender into my other eardrum.

This seemingly volatile combination brings me a sense of peace. I'll be damned if I don't have the most eclectic, caring and life-loving set of friends ever assembled on this rock. When life spits a loss out at you it's best not to dwell on that triviality. Take assesment of what you do have. Conclusion: Holy Fuck, am I fortunate.

I love women, I mean, I LOVE women, and I enjoy the chance to love them frequently. Man does not live on bread and water alone? No shit. Where does this ease of dealing with women come from? On past sojourns into my subconscious I came up with the inspiration that I have six sisters. Six beaming smiling faces all bent on teaching you the mystery of people. What they probably didn't realize was that the people they were referring to all happened to be of the feminine persuasion. Not that I'm complaining. I'll spend the rest of my days thanking them for their education.

Six sisters and no brothers gives you some motivation to balance things out. I now have two brothers, and they couldn't be more dissimilar, much to my satisfaction. Variety is the spice of life? No shit. One is a peace-loving, tree-hugging, drug-using spark of madness that rivals the sun with his vitality. The other is a marine; a disciplined, take-no-shit honorable spark of madness that rivals the sun with his vitality. I could as soon lose touch with them as I could cut my own arm off. I happened to be slightly attached to my appendages.

So what the fuck does it all mean? I don't know, go ask someone who can offer more wisdom than a simple four-word respone: and so it goes. I'm sittin' pretty, high atop my mountain, the offshore breeze carrying the scents of the world to my head while the affront of human civilization delights my eyes. It's a hell of a life each and every one of us is blessed with. I wouldn't want to discount a minute.