In doing a daily meditation routine, I had certain expectations to be sure. It's not as though I've never meditated before but I have not previously been as consistent as I now am. It makes a world of difference. I had first supposed that there is a certain point. Of peace or bliss I was not entirely sure, but I thought that there would be this same point to strive for each time one quieted the mind. It was not disappointing in the least to find out that, at least for me, this is not the case.

One session seems to overlap and affect the next, and its as though no time passes between each once you arrive at the quiet. Possibly it is because of this that meditation seems like such an adventure to me. I never know quite what is going to happen next. I have certain goals that I concentrate on before each session but this may or may not have any bearing on what actually plays out.

For example, I have been doing my meditations lately focusing on my chakras. I focus on each one, examining for strength and defect and then attempt to focus energy. I've discovered a nice visualization is to then hurl the chakra into the sun where it explodes and is reborn. One time, however, I had just finished with Manipura or the solar plexus chakra and when I sent it towards the sun it kept on traveling until it eventually reached the center of the universe. Upon visualizing its return I was suffused with such wild energy that the air around my skin seemed to tingle and I was rocked from my stationary position a bit. I tried to continue with my chakra meditation and utilize this new and wonderful energy, but I was mostly overwhelmed and simply enjoyed the moment.

In another session I became a rock.

I sometimes meditate with my eyes open in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as it allows for a different experience. During one of these sessions I was visualizing myself as a rock on a beach simply being and soaking up the sunlight. Suddenly I broke into two pieces and for a second was distressed as to whether I was still the rock. But in a moment I had a wonderful realization that I was exactly the same in every respect, being a piece of everything, including the rock before being broken, the entire planet, and indeed all creation. I could not ever separate myself from this unity, regardless of breaking or the passage of time. This may be a simple realization, but feeling it so profoundly brought on such feelings of bliss that I spent the rest of my session simply basking on that beach in sunlight that had been transformed to beams of pure pleasure.

I cannot wait to see what the next meditation will be.