The game is up. I have been caught (literally) red-handed. DMan has noticed the Red/Pink E2 Conspiracy Menace of which I am an important part.

Specifically, I'm a member of the 7500 Angström Mathematics Brigade, a group of noders bent on using E2 further to foment world revolution. Our 3 main weapons are editorial powers, the writings of Engels, tactical instructions broadcast to us by Moscow Radio and a fanatical devotion to our cause.

We seek to enslave the right-thinking E2 users by our nefarious schemes, but now we have been exposed by some clever "quitters". Alas, Moscow Centre will never let us go back now. Just as well, when you think what's going on over there...

Seriously: people are saying that others should not be offended by what is written in nodes (regarding terms such as XP pack rape), since it's just writing. Then they get offended by what's written in some other nodes.

And people will think this node has satirical content. Look at "I quit" for some really off the wall logical argumentation!

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