Humanity formed power structures soon after it developed language. It was a natural evolution. For those that are now the ruled, it is a nostalgic romance to believe that power was unfairly usurped. But really, someone has always been in power over another group. It is always an ultra-powerful minority that tells the vast majority what it should do.

If I hadn't made me
I would've been made somehow
If I hadn't assembled myself
I'd have fallen apart by now

There were many regional empires and nation-states until power structures began to operate on a global scale. Then comes along the Roman Empire, which eventually turns its power over to the Roman Catholic Church. Is this ineveitable? Americans love to toss their freedom around like it is their crowning glory of achievement. Indeed it would be if they were truly free. However, atleast for the forseeable future, there will always be a dominating power structure. People welcome these rulers with open arms, almost begging them to tell them what to do. In fact, people do not desire true liberation and free thought, no. People desire comfort.

If you let 'em make you
Make you paper machie
At a distance your strong
Until the wind comes
And then you crumble
And blow away

There have been truly notable exceptions throughout history. Socrates, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther, Ghandi. These are all people that made progress for the future of true individual freedom. Though their ideas were groundbreaking, what they cannot do is set up a system of guidelines or beliefs so that people can act as free people. They have to instill the very spirit that they have into others. For global individual freedom to come about, the whole globe would have to seize upon that spirit of belief in self and passion in action. True freedom is not given nor is it a passive activity. It is expressed in action. To follow one's government without critical thought, even if they spout a doctrine of freedom, is to live as a slave. If that is the case, you are first your government's person, and then whatever is left over is your own.

If you let 'em fuck you
There will be no foreplay
Rest assured,
They'll screw you complete
Till your ass is blue and gray

Make Yourself

Make Yourself - Incubus
from the album Make Yourself