One of Aphex Twin's albums. Kind of his way of looking at drum & bass, although many have reflected the term drill & bass may be more appropriate. Probably the most eccentrically Aphex album he ever made. Definitely the most inconsistent album ever made, by anyone. You will love some of the tracks on this album, and you will hate some of the others. The interesting thing is that which tracks are loved and which are hated varies wildly from person to person.

I personally see this album as almost a parody on drum & bass music; listening to it it's hard not to hear some kind of twisted mangled corpse of what was once drum&bass, hard not to hear the same dense, complex rhythm patterns, although they have been maniacally exaggerated; imbued with the spirit of the aphex and inexplicably made more complex, more dense, more esoteric until all coherence dries up and blows away and nothing is left but elegant complexity and blissful chaos. And of course here too is that same single-minded dark spirit that is drum & bass, and those same crazy remixes in which it's impossible to tell what relationship could possibly exist between the remix and the original. And two of the songs are named after commands in BASIC.

Not his best album by any means, but definitely contains some of the best bits of any of his albums; tracks 1, 3, and 8, notably, are unlike anything i've ever heard before or since, and probably his best material anywhere.

The name of the album is probably a toss-off joke related to the fact that RDJ has upward of 12 pseudonyms besides "Aphex Twin".