An unreleased album by Aphex Twin.

It contains 11 untitled tracks. It's now floating around on the internet - the site seems to be keeping track of where you can get it from currently. Track 2 is a longer mix of Fingerbib from the Richard D James Album. The other tracks are in a similar theme... mainly melodic rather than hard and beatsy, using tinny electronic sounds.

The same album is referred to in an interview with µ-Ziq (Mike Paradinas) as "Melodies on Mars" - Mike declares it to have been part of the inspiration for their collaboration "Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers".

The tracks are said to have been made for a computer game company, but rejected.
A rare version features 12 tracks. Neither version is complete. The eighth track of both copies is a demo of "Logon Rock Witch".

It's rumored that Melodies from Mars, also known as Mr. Men and Melodies on Mars, was initially recorded onto eleven cassettes in 1995, and that one or two of these cassettes is the source of all the MP3s in circulation. The identity of the person who leaked the tracks onto the Internet is unknown, as are the video game company and the track names (which likely do not exist).

By the way, it's been a long time since (Aphex Start) was updated. Napster is a better bet. Or me, if you're nice and don't mind using Hotline.

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