One of Aphex Twin's albums. Generally thought of as his "trip-hop" album because of the weird twisted-analog quality the samples have, but it goes so far beyond that that trying to lump it with trip-hop is futile. The last album he put out before adopting the drill & bass style he now uses, and the first time he used the image of his face as a logo. Some consider this his best album. I wouldn't go that far (SAW II is if you ask me..) but it's still damn good, and i think i would definitely call it his most creative album that i've heard so far.

Like all of RDJ's work, it grows on you. The first time you hear the album, you'll think it's mediocre. Months later you'll come back and listen to it again, go "holy shit" and wonder if this tripped out masterpiece is the same album you listened to before.

Tracks five and six are probably the album's best. Take note, though, of the rather interesting song on track 2-- the string noises were apparently arranged by Phillip Glass.