Sixth song on Aphex Twin's ...i care because you do. This five minute, forty one second piece is an eerie mesh of Aphex Twin's usual hyper beats, a disorienting, distorted synthesizer melody, and looping samples of dialogue from a porn film called Fantasia (other samples from this porn appear in the song "Fantasia" on Aphex Twin's Caustic Window release).

The samples from the porn contain the following dialogue (no, it's not sex that's sampled):

"I'm going to give you a coming out party... at your house! It's perfect. You can't refuse: It's my gift to you. It's your fantasy."
"Fantasia, having a party is not my idea of a fantasy. Especially right now."
"The party is your fantasy. I know what you'd like. It's a fantasy you once told me about. Remember?"
"I don't remember telling you about.... What is it? What's the fantasy?"

Every now and then, throughout the song, there's a distored whisper saying "Come on you slags!" The whisper is very quick and somewhat hard to understand. The whole song is very odd and whenever I hear it I tend to imagine blurry images obscured by frantically moving grey mist (whatever that means).

Slag has a few meanings. One is someone, usually a woman, who has a lot of sex (in same vein as slut). Another is an ash-like remain of metal after it has been heated to extremely high temperatures, such as from welding or volcanic activity. Slag is also a verb meaning to talk about something in an insulting manner (for example: saying "Boy bands suck because blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" would be slagging boy bands).

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