You know the candyman, the one who ensures a great party by making sure everyone has their drugs.

My friend Mack always goes to a party with lots of pills. When people drink alcohol, he gives them cysteine, thiamine, and vitamin C. When they take MDMA, he gives them 5-HTP. When they eat guacamole, he gives them vitamin E.

For every candyman, there must be a milkman.

A completely different point about milkmen:

In the early 20th century, before refrigeration was common and reliable, the milkman would deliver fresh milk to people's homes each day. In the archetypical American suburban family, the wife would be at home, being domestic, while the husband was out at work. So she was home alone, except that occasionally a nice young man would drop by...

At one time, a common idiom / joke was to suggest that an individual looked like the milkman. This was understood to imply that their mother was unfaithful.

Milk"man (?), n.; pl. Milkmen ().

A man who sells milk or delivers it to customers.


© Webster 1913.

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