One of the Snapple Elementals drinks. It's red and kind of has an indescribable but really good juice taste to it. It's designed to give you energy, and it does. It has a lot of ginseng in it.

Also the name of a cocoa-based native Mac OS X freeform third-party instant messaging client. As of now it can talk to AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN, IRC (badly), Jabber (badly), and Yahoo Chat. It is somewhat buggy (though improving) and shows definite signs of its status as what is, technically as of now, beta, but even though it is simply a half-assed thrown-together unfinished client by a couple of random people with no ties to anything, it is infinitely better than any AOL-sponsored IM client i have ever used, in many ways. This is a testament to either the amazing versatility of Cocoa, or to how much AOL Instant Messenger sucks.

I secretly suspect the name is a pun on "AIM/Fire", but i really hope it isn't, because that would be stupid. Fire has a cool icon, although unlike its namesake it does not contain ginseng.

The most important thing about Fire, however, is that it is GPLed, which is a godsend for those of us who are sick of inflexible IM clients we don't have direct control over. (As proof of how good this is, Fire has spawned an even more excellent AIM client called Adium, which took the networking code for Fire and recreated the interface to be more streamlined.) Now, if only it supported File Transfers..

As with all 3rdparty/OSS AIM clients, Fire uses TOC.