Looking at this daylog, I thought it could use a slightly happier tale (everyone who had a bad day, go find someone to give you a big hug, never fails), so I give you this, my first attempt at day logging.

I got one step closer to having my own darkroom today, the enlarger, print trays and print dryer all turned up in a huge box yesterday. I bought it from a nice lady in London for £20 and it cost that much again to send it up to Aberdeen. I felt really bad when I first phoned her up, she had only advertised it in a local free ads paper (the Internet is a wonderful device) so expected someone local to come and pick it up, she did not expect a crazy loon from Aberdeen to make her wrap it all up in 10 miles of bubblewrap and take it to the post office. But it arrived in several pieces yesterday and I managed to reconcile them all into one big German enlarger (a Durst A300 if anyone cares). At the weekend I will go shopping for blackout curtains, a safelight, chemicals, paper and a grain focuser (I will let you know if it all works next week).

Since the weekend, I have been suffering from University withdrawl symptoms. I visited my sisters who are at Uni in Durham and now I want to be a student again. They have just moved out of halls into the strangest house I have ever seen, it seems to be built on about 6 different levels, apparently it used to be a coal merchant. I love my job and wouldn't change it for the world but student life kicks ass, I will have to do an MSc or a Doctorate or something soon, or maybe I will just do another degree in something different (like Maths).

Everything2 is cool, I have been reading it for ages now, and decided a couple of weeks ago to get an account and start contributing. I made level 2 yesterday, so I have been busy this morning, dutifully playing the part of the all powerful vote machine. I never realised you could see an article's reputation after you had voted on it, it leaves the problem of wanting to vote on something just to see what its rep is. I will try and resist this temptation and vote in a responsible manner, I will even give responsible noding a go (*winks* at Klaproth) ;-)