One of the finer points of a visit to Peoria, Illinois would be a stop at this fine microbrewery. Run by a fourth generation Scottish brewmaster, Rhodell's offers six varities of beer on tap -- and nothing else. That's a bold move in a town so conservative it turned down a Hooter's on moral grounds. Peoria likes it market mass and bland, yet Rhodell's has succeeded for over a year now.

Much credit goes to owner Frank Rhodell. His ever changing selection of six beers range from a practically clear pale ale to the darkest coffee porter imaginable (drunk and tweaked at the same time!). It doesn't hurt that the guy is "fresh off the boat" from Scotland with an accent that would make Captain Kirk say, "What the fuck is engineering talking about?"

Oh yeah, you can brew your own beer there too. Come to think of it that must be where he makes his money. For around $100 you can brew a full batch (aorund six cases) of beer. Any beer you want -- from one of his, to one modeled after an import, to your own pumpkin and sesame ale (blech). Hell you could brew up a batch of Miller High Life if you wanted.

Hmm Wheat Stout is calling -- gotta go.